Upcoming screening dates for the documentary thriller Expo 67 Mission Impossible. See the trailer here.

MAY/JUNE 2017:

Cinémathèque, Montréal (QC) – May 26 at 6PM and from May 27 to 31 at 7:45PM
Cinéma Le Clap, Québec (QC) – May 26 to 28 at 5:35PM, May 29 to 31 at 9:50AM and 5:35PM and June 1 at 9:50AM and 5:15PM
Cinéma Lido, Lévis (QC) -May 26 at 1PM and May 29 to June 1 at 1PM
Cinéma Des Chutes, St-Nicolas (QC) – May 26 at 1PM and May 29 to June 1 at 1PM


After the screening, meet with the key players of Expo and/or the filmmakers.

Meet the filmmakers!

You can even invite the extraordinary key players of the film Expo 67 Mission Impossible to your location during the Film/Lecture Tour: Everything is Possible (2017-2020).

Film societies, schools, businesses, citizen groups, seniors’ residences and students of all levels can benefit from a public projection in the company of the film’s main characters. E-mail us at to find out more!