Kinsgway Theatre, Toronto, ON
English version: September 16, 18 & 20, 14:00

The Loft Cinema, Cobourg, ON
English version: September 22 & 28, 14:00; September 23 & 29, 19:30

Brockville Arts Centre, Brockville, ON
English version: September 23, 14:00 & 19:00

Centre socioculturel Gérard-Ouellet, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, QC
French version : September 23, 27 and 28, 19 :30

Théâtre Desjardins, LaSalle, QC
French version: September 26, 19:30

Théâtre J.A. Bombardier, Musée McCord, Montréal, QC
French version: September 27, 18 :00

Sainte-Julie Public Library (Journées de la culture), Sainte-Julie, QC
French version: September 29, 19 :00

Art Partage, Mascouche, QC
French version: September 29, 20 :00

Centre culturel St-John de Bromont (Journées de la culture), Bromont, QC
French version: September 30, 19 :00

Culture Shawinigan (Journées de la culture), Bromont, QC
French version: September 30, 13:30


Beaconsfield High School (Journées de la culture), Beaconsfield, QC
English version, October 1, 14 :00

Ciné-club de Laval, Salle André-Mathieu, Laval, QC
French version, October 2, 19 :30

...And many more! New dates will be announced very soon.

Meet the filmmakers!

You can even invite the extraordinary key players of the film Expo 67 Mission Impossible to your location during the Film/Lecture Tour (2017-2020).

Film societies, schools, businesses, citizen groups, seniors’ residences and students of all levels can benefit from a public projection in the company of the film’s main characters. E-mail us at to find out more!