Albert Fisher ramène « The World of Man » à la maison

Le film culte inspiré de Terre des Hommes enfin accessible au grand public pour la première fois en 47 ans.

Crédit photo : Albert Fisher

« The World of Man » est une oeuvre composée de 12 courts-métrages réalisés dans le cadre d’un concours du Festival International de Films de Montreal en 1967 et inspirés par le thème d’Expo 67: Terre des Hommes.

•    « Genius Man » — Nicholas Spargo, Grande-Bretagne

•    « Not As Yet Decided » — Jeff Dell, États-Unis

•     « Flower » — Yoji Kuri, Japon

•    « Othello 67 » — Fedor Khitruk, U.R.S.S.

•    « Like A Bird » — Carmen D’Avino, États-Unis

•   « Germane » — Robert Balser, Espagne

•   « Tick Tock » — I. Klein, États-Unis

•   « Excursion » — Ryezard Golc, Pologne

•   « Man And His World » — Bruno Bozzetto, Italie

•   « My Son » — L. Popov, U.R.S.S.

•   « Aries » — Fred Wolf, États-Unis

•  « The Health Of Man » — Pavel Prochazka, Tchécoslovakie

Le film a été présentée pour la toute première fois en plus de 40 ans en avant programme du «thriller» documentaire Expo 67 Mission impossible au Festival international de films Fantasia de Montréal le 20 juillet, 2017.

Le film d’Albert Fisher fut un réel un succès à l’époque, remportant plusieurs prix lors d’événements prestigieux, dont le Festival de Cannes, le New York Film Festival, le London Film Festival et le Chicago Film Festival.

La production était alors présentée en avant-programme d’un autre film-culte devenu succès populaire: Easy Rider.

Âgé de 75 ans, Albert Fisher viendra de Los Angeles pour rencontrer le public et remettre ses bobines originales. « Quand j’ai appris l’intention des Productions de la ruelle de préserver la mémoire d’Expo 67, j’ai voulu ramener le film à la source, Montréal, magnifique métropole, ville- hôte de Terre des Hommes. », mentionne-t-il.

Crédit photo : Albert Fisher

Sa biographie:

« Albert Fisher is an Emmy winning television executive with creative credits from all major networks, top syndicators, cable networks, as well as station groups. Between 2012 and 2016 he co-authored and was the subject of numerous books, magazine articles and documentaries celebrating his work 50 years ago when he was just starting his career, he landed the coveted job as Director of TV & Movies for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the 1964 New York World’s Fair and was Media Consultant for Montreal’s Expo 67.

He is currently managing several media archives associated with classic television shows he has been associated with over the years. With his former business partner George Merlis, Albert Fisher also conducts media training for scientists from NASA, The Jet Propulsion Laboratories and The Goddard Space Flight Center.

His talent as a Producer/Director/Writer associated with films, television and multi-media events has garnered many international awards including film festivals in Cannes, New York, London, Chicago, Barcelona, Lucarno and Edinburgh. Mr. Fisher has also received awards from The American Bar Association, The International Film and Television Festival and the coveted Columbia School of Journalism’s Alfred I. DuPont Award for the documentary: “Whispering Hope: Unmasking The Mystery Of Alzheimers.”

Adding to his impressive list of accolades over the years, Fisher recently received the prestigious Distinguished Service Award from The Caucus For Producers, Writers and Directors at a ceremony at The Beverly Hills Hotel. At the same time, he was awarded two citations for his work in the entertainment industry by The United States Congress.

For over ten years, as CEO of Fisher/Merlis Television, Inc., he won numerous awards including the coveted national Emmy. Fisher is well known and respected for his science-based broadcast and cablecast series and specials seen world-wide. These programs include: “Cassini: Rendezvous With The Ringed Planet” and “Mars Rocks” which aired on both the Discovery Channel and The Science Channel.

His highly acclaimed multi-disc documentary on the classic radio and television series: « The Original Amateur Hour » is in current release and can be seen as a « special » on PBS. His documentaries such as: “Secrets of San Simeon with Patricia Hearst” and “The Harlem Hellfighters” are in world-wide distribution. He also produced the Emmy winning nationally syndicated series: “Better Homes and Gardens Television.”

Fisher has created a varied slate of hour-long “specials” for various networks. He is also responsible for numerous home videos and DVD’s which are being marketed world-wide as the “official” presentations for such prestigious destinations as The Hearst Castle at San Simeon, The Huntington Gardens and Library in Pasadena, The Piedras Blancas Lighthouse on the California coast and Loretta Lynn’s Plantation Home and Museum in Tennessee.

Albert Fisher started his career handling TV and Movies for the World’s Fairs in Seattle and New York and was media consultant to the Montreal Expo. He has served as a Producer for the NBC-TV Network series: “I Witness Video” and the Fox Television Network news magazine series: “Front Page” and has functioned in various senior programming and management positions with broadcasters world-wide including WOR-TV, New York City; WTOP-TV, Washington, DC; WKYC-TV, Cleveland; WMAQ-TV, Chicago; and WWL-TV, New Orleans, where he was one of the first broadcasters to create the magazine-format concept.

As an Executive Producer with NBC, Albert Fisher created, produced and directed numerous award-winning magazine shows, documentaries and public-affairs programs and specials. In this capacity, and his current role as a hands-on executive producer, he has spent time as an undercover inmate in The Ohio State Penitentiary, has flown in supersonic fighter aircraft, sailed international “Tall Ships,” lived on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in a NASA underwater habitat and recently became one of the few people to ever film and explore the remote Arctic Circle island of Surtsey off the coast of Iceland.

Fisher is a member of The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors; The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; The National Association of Television Programming Executives; The Directors Guild of America; The Pacific Broadcast Pioneers; and The Paley Center for the Media.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ricka who is a former NBC, Disney and Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts in Beverly Hills executive now directing live theater. Their daughter Hannah practices government law in Washington DC. »

Source: Albert Fisher

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