Amusing Ourselves to Death

“Genius Man” by Nicholas Spargo is the first of twelve short films included in the cult classic “The World of Man” by Albert Fisher.

This 60-second color-animation by British filmmaker Nicholas Spargo will make you wonder about the evolution of Mankind, technology and entertainment…

“Genius Man” was submitted to the 1967 Montreal International Film Festival for a world-wide competition based on the theme of Expo 67: Man and His World. The twelve best submissions make up the the compilation film “World of Man” by Albert Fisher, which has seen great international success and has finally been made accessible to the general public for the first time in over 40 years. Find out more here.

The viewing of these films was made possible thanks to the generosity of American producer and filmmaker Albert Fisher, a great pacifist and advocate for the values of Man and His World.

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