Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield Historical Society Supports Efforts to Preserve the Living Memory of Expo 67

Donating to encourage the Productions de la ruelle team on their mission.

19 Lakeshore – Historical building in Beaconsfield (2010). Photo credit : City of Beaconsfield

Les Productions de la Ruelle would like to thank the Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield Historical Society for the donation made during the screening of Expo 67 Mission Impossible, which took place at Beaconsfield High School on October 1st during Les Journées de la Culture.

“We want to contribute to your mission of highlighting the importance of history among the general public,” writes President Roy Wright. “Thank you for allowing us to relive various moments of our not-so-distant past with Expo 67 Mission Impossible.”

The Productions de la Ruelle team hopes this donation will encourage other businesses and organizations to help in their mission as well.

“Each contribution brings us closer to our goal, which is to perpetuate the memory of Expo 67 and the values of Man and His World for citizens of all backgrounds and for future generations,” explains filmmaker Éric Ruel.

The Mission:

1 – Make never-before-seen archives of Expo 67 accessible for all, here at

2- Develop educational activities and guides for primary and secondary school teachers.

3- Encourage people from all walks of life to eliminate the word impossible from their vocabulary.

To find out how you can contribute