Grace Kelly Makes Heads Turn at Expo 67, But Tragedy Awaits…

By Carmen Desmeules (translated by Emilie Gosselin)

Friday, July 14 1967

American actress Grace Kelly and her husband Prince Rainier of Monaco visit Expo 67 today. The princess cordially signs autographs for the numerous visitors crowding around her as she passes by.

“When Princess Grace came over from Monaco, recalls “Mayor of Expo” Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien, “my wife Nan-B said: “You’re coming with me.” Because it was going to be a big, big show. She was pregnant. If I remember correctly, she had a miscarriage while she was still in Montreal…”

Grace Kelly’s trip to Quebec unfortunately ended with a trip to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Grace Kelly’s visit greatly impressed upon the Director of Public Relations, Yves Jasmin: “Of course, she was very beautiful. And the Principality of Monaco was just a small country, but the pavilion was very nice. She visited her pavilion and did a tour of the Exhibition.

People were telling her: “You’re surrounded by admirers,” and she said, jokingly: “When I’m impatient with you, I have reason to be. You should always act admirably.” Grace Kelly made a very strong impression.”

On that same night, at the Expo Theater, Simon & Garfunkel gave the first of two shows. Two weeks later, (August 6) Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead perform on the same stage.

Sources: Expo 67 Collection, Library and Archives Canada