How Many Ice Cream Cones Did Guylaine Hand Out In A Day At Expo 67?

Here are a few fun facts and stats about Expo 67, the Universal Exhibition that was held in Montreal 50 years ago – an important milestone in Canadian History!

On May 25, at the Agriculture pavilion named Man the Provider, 18 000 ice cream desserts were distributed for Dairy Day, in the presence of the milk industry’s queen at the time: Ms Guylaine Miller!

Here are some lions having a taste of ice cream at the Ethiopia Pavilion!

On July 5, a student from the Marie-Favery elementary school baked a 10-foot loaf of bread to symbolize the fight against world hunger.

Montreal, being a port city, welcomed 70 ships from 13 countries during Expo 67, including everything from sail training yachts to supply ships. Thus, over 15 000 officers, sailors and cadets came ashore and visited Expo 67.

On June 19, Robin Price arrived at Expo on roller skates all the way from British Columbia and had traveled 6015 kilometers!

At the lost and found service, 27 419 objects were brought in and 13 588 were returned to their owner. However, this list did not include valuables, but rather crutches, wheelchairs, a welder’s mask and cameras!

Perhaps this photographer shouldn’t have gotten so comfortable…

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