Jackie Kennedy Too Cool For Protocol at Expo 67

Yves Jasmin, Director of Public Relations, recalls his bitter experience when Jackie Kennedy came to visit Expo 67.

By Carmen Desmeules (translated by Emilie Gosselin)

Friday, October 6, 1967

“When Jackie Kennedy came to Expo… she asked to go incognito,” recalls Jasmin, “which means that she would be accompanied by a hostess dressed the same as you and me. That’s the way it’s done. But then, when she arrived, she decided to call a press conference.”

“So journalists came to see her. The Commissioner of the American pavilion called Robert Shaw, the Deputy Commissioner General of Expo:

‘Ms Kennedy is here, could you greet her? She asks to go incognito then turns around and calls a press conference! She needs to get it together!’

Shaw goes over to see her, presents himself, and she simply shakes his hand and turns away, completely indifferent. It was really quite impolite!” She only stayed in Montreal for two days.

Source: Interview with Yves Jasmin, May 2016

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