Meet One of Expo 67’s “Mad Men”

Yves Jasmin, the Director of Advertising, Public Relations and Information at Expo 67, is the Don Draper of Montreal.

By Carmen Desmeules (translated by Emilie Gosselin)

Photo credit – Library and Archives Canada

Yves Jasmin worked in communications his entire life. He began as filmmaker at the National Film Board, then worked as a journalist for the Montreal Daily: Le Canada. He subsequently occupied multiple positions within prestigious companies such as Air Canada, the Molson Brewery and Ford Canada.

For the Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition, also known as Expo 67,he was Director of Public Relations, Information and Advertising.

Photo credit – Library and Archives Canada

In 1967, the Public Relations Society of America awarded him with his greatest achievement, The Gold Anvil, for his work at Expo 67. To this day, he is the only non-American to have received this honour.

His work on Expo 67, La petite histoire d’Expo 67, is a compilation of documents and stories on the preparation and realization of this unforgettable exposition.

For Roger D. Landry, Assistant Director of Public Relations: “The work has Jasmin done for communications could be it’s own school, or university.” Diana Nicholson, Public Relations Assistant, also greatly appreciates him: “Because he’s funny. He’s extremely competent and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. So, he doesn’t hesitate to give criticism when necessary. Also, because his work at Expo was absolutely extraordinary.”

Born in 1922, in Lachine, Québec, Jasmin was also Lieutenant in the Canadian Army Infantry, and served overseas from 1942 to 1944. He is also an Officer of the Order of Canada. After Expo 67, he became president of Desroches, Jasmin et Associés and later participated in certain PR consulting firms.

Photo credit – Laurent Guérin / Productions de la ruelle

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