Obscenity at Expo 67

Another exciting week at the Montreal’s Universal Exhibition in 1967.

By Carmen Desmeules (translated by Emilie Gosselin)

September 25, 1967

The City of Montreal transit strike, which began on the night of September 20, is in full swing on this day at Expo 67, bringing about a number of repercussions: fewer visitors, parking lots overflowing onto laws and balks, traffic congestion, delays and more. People are hitchhiking, or arriving on bicycles, on foot, by train, skateboard, and even by canoe!

At the Youth Pavilion, Montreal-based theatre company Les Saltimbanques have been performing Pierre Moretti’s Équation pour un homme actuel since September 4.

On September 25, however, at their last representation, they are visited by the police morality squad … perhaps the erotic scene was a tad too realistic!

“The judge must determine whether the actors simulated coitus on stage of if they, as the defender claims, simply, ‘made wavelike motions…’ […] When called upon as a witness, actor and stage director Paul Buissonneau tried to describe the ‘aura technique’ […] but the judge found the group guilty. Les Saltimbanques will only be acquitted during the second trial.” (Kantorowski, 140)

At the French Pavilion, Raymond Aron, editor at Figaro and professor in Sorbonne gives a conference, for which the theme is: Youth as a Social Class. This is the 60s: kids are everywhere!

Sources:  Frédéric Kantorowski «En scène! 1865-1979» Les Publications du Québec, 2016, page 140. 

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