Bobby Kennedy Jumps Aboard La Pitoune!

The American Senator visited Expo 67 one year before his assassination…

Par Carmen Desmeules (translated by Emilie Gosselin)

Thursday, July 6 1967

Senator Robert Kennedy, his wife Ethel and their seven kids visited Expo, not quite incognito! They were quickly recognized and acclaimed. They spent a few days on site, and much of their time at La Ronde!

“At the time, Senator Kennedy needed to get back to Washington, but Ethel stayed for an extra day or two with the kids to visit – there were quite a few of them! – and no one bothered them,” recalls Diana Nicholson, Public Affairs Liaison Officer at Expo 67.

A few months later, Yves Jasmin, the Director of Public Relations, has a bitter experience when Jackie Kennedy comes to visit, from October 6th to 8th…

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