The Art of Persuasion

13 ads made by the Mad Men of Expo 67

By Productions de la ruelle



  1. formula och bra hållbarhet. Verkar inte finnas att få tag på längre, i alla fall inte hos Turkos och det finns inte heller på Nveys sida. Synd för det är den perfekta blåröda nyansen för

  2. Yeah…I was about to say…you takin pics from Kin’shar’s page and not remembering???You did like a whole poetry drop right there…I wasn’t even expecting all of that when I first clicked on your link. But as always, loving the poetry.

  3. Anony 6:03, MLK&Zionists/Jews were very good friends. When he no longer served their purpose, got him killed. Get ur facts right and get ur head out of sand. History is written by victors and u know that. MLK wasnt the "god" he is supposed to be. Nor him, nor Rosa Parker, that greedy bitch, also connected to Zionism. Period.C

  4. It also depends upon your organism. For example, I can eat anything I want at any time and I won’t gain weight anyhow! This is my organism’s principle))

  5. Hi ZionWhy did Hashem place the Erev Rav amongst the Israelites, there is nothing worse than an enemy within. Isn’t this to much for the Israelites having an invisible enemy that wants to suck out the light and energy from us and we can’t even identify them for sure…How can we survive this?Love an dblessingsD x

  6. Funny that Addictednoob is calling people “fanboys”. But I’m sure you’re not one, right? and BTW…the 360 version has superior lighting, but it’s still tough to tell, both versions look pretty good.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

  7. India had a view that good and broad infrastructure would encourage chinese to march too deep ( wen india would be in conflict with Pak) thats why it didnt develop it………o geez,we are paying for the sins of pakistan!if thats the way indian govt. think and work we have no options but to fight for our rights!

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  9. So, it' s been a while since i've visited your blog but it feels nice to know that we are almost like real life best friends: Even though we haven't spoken in months, I come back to your blog and it's as if time was never lost! You still look as quirky as EVER! I love that dress on you, it's very Wednesday Adams and I don't know anyone who could pull it off better than you! xoxo

  10. Thank you for sharing this exciting news with your Fayetteville Flyer readers! We are thrilled to be opening this new location to help people in NWA find deals, donate and get jobs!

  11. I dont think it is wasted on fights like shannox (regardless of strat). Beth, yes… Aly, possibly.. Lets remember that even having 5-10 seconds use of that pot, is a dps gain. It will never be a dps loss. In regards to Rius comment, yes that is a good point; but remember that this is about PRE-potting so that you may use another – especially as MM pre pot can be a massive gain, as we can pot AGAIN with the RF due to readiness. Even as surv/BM it would be more beneficial to pre pot (where you can use it), and then pot again during BL/Hero.

  12. This is an outright lie.Their recommendation, not mine.if the Departments unfortunately continue to pursue the course that all employees must have access to contraceptive services without cost, then the government will need to develop a way to pay for and provide such services directly to those employees who desire such coverage without any direct or indirect involvement of religious employers (under the expanded definition described above.)

  13. dit :oui ‚je viens d’acheter “la ré­vo­lu­tion d“un seul brin de paille” et comme c’est une tra­duc­tion du ja­pon­nais et que je ne parle pas ja­pon­nais et n’en ai au­cune no­tion je trouve ca “étrange”…est ce que si vous avez le temps(entre le bi­chon­nage de votre di­zaine de m2, quoique là c’est plu­tôt pelle à neige, non?;-))) vous pour­riez faire une ca­té­go­rie des livres que vous li­sez?en vous sou­hai­tant une belle jour­née “pleine de pluie” et oui là on a un cy­clone qui nous tourne autour..;-))

  14. Paula, you know my mouth always hangs open when I see your photo stamps, I cannot believe how you do it and these cards are just unbelievable in that respect, I could swear they were real vintage photos. The cards are stunning!!Hope you feel better soon, hey and look at it this way, at least you have an iphone (wished I did….)

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