Visiting Czechoslovakia… in Montreal!

By Carmen Desmeules (translated by Emilie Gosselin)

Thursday, September 7 1967

A typical day at Man and His World, Montreal’s Universal Exhibition, held on Saint-Helen and Notre-Dame Islands. For the Senegal National Day, there are delegations of dignitaries representing the country, aerial acrobatics… and a brief power-outage! (Not the first to have overcome Expo 67… 

On this day, Mayor Jean Drapeau heads to Ottawa to discuss the future of the Expo 67 islands. Two days earlier, Quebec Prime Minister Daniel Johnson also spoke with the City of Montreal Executive Committee concerning the future usage and maintenance of the islands. In summer of 1968, they are to be revived as Man and His World.

$3,003 are collected in coins tossed into the basin at the Belgian pavilion, which will be given to the Université de Montréal for Ophthalmic research. The previous amount had been of $1,960.

At the Australian pavilion, a kangaroo’s foot is paralyzed! The animal is transported to the Granby zoo to be treated by veterinarians.

Click on the photo to see the Australian pavilion up close!
Australia pavilion. Photo credit: Library and Archives Canada

For entertainment, it’s all about jazz tonight at the Expo-Theatre: Duke Ellington and Sarah Vaughn.

The Czechoslovakia pavilion is one of the most popular pavilions and considered to be one of the most beautiful… And apparently the food is amazing too!

Click to see Czechoslovakia, one of it’s exhibits and the construction of the pavilion up close!
Czechoslovakia pavilion. Photo credit: Library and Archives Canada

Here’s a little statistic: visitors spend an average of $1.80 on food & drink. $3.05 in restaurants and 0.73 in snack bars. Those were the days!

Pearl Buck, writer of numerous best-selling novels, visits Expo 67 accompanied by 8 adopted children. For years she has been donating her income to a foundation for Eurasian children.

Sources: Expo 67 Collection, Library and Archives Canada