Watch this 50-Second Version of Shakespeare’s Othello

In 1967, a Russian animator depicted how Shakespeare would live on in future societies… “Don’t waste your time!”

In a future society, a driver reaches a tollbooth, deposits a coin and watches a sped up version of Shakespeare’s Othello…

“Othello 67” is one of the twelve winners of a short film competition hosted by the 1967 Montreal International Film Festival. The best submissions were compiled into one film, “The World of Man” by Albert Fisher, which saw great international success and is now being made available to the general public for the first time in over 40 years.

The Filmmaker

Khitruk’s first film, Story of One Crime (1962) was the starting point of a new era in Soviet animation, as most Soviet cartoons had been imitations of Disney. As a director, Khitruk created narrative and character-based animations, in a “more economical and more contemporary art style than the naturalistic graphic look and sentimentality of Disney.” Khitruk worked for most of his life at the Soyuzmultfilm animation studios in Moscow, Russia. He proceeded to make a number of shocking films throughout his career. (Source)

The viewing of these films was made possible thanks to the generosity of American producer and filmmaker Albert Fisher, a great pacifist and advocate for the values of Man and His World.

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